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Easy check the time with AOD, and quickly set the alarm or timer.


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Easy check the important time with always display clock, quickly set the alarm or timer , tells the time and alarm by voice, and display the dual time of world wide.

Main function
ㆍWallpaper desk clock.
ㆍAlarm clock and timer.
ㆍNightstand clock.
ㆍDual time world clock.
ㆍSeconds (needle), monthly calendar.
ㆍBattery status (charging, level, temp.)
ㆍAdjust brightness and size.
ㆍClock font and color settings.
ㆍTop screen clock on all screens.
ㆍAnalog, digital, hybrid.

Always On Display
ㆍBattery saving sleep and screensaver.
ㆍClock on/off by power button.
ㆍAuto clock launch (charging, screen-off)

Add-on features
ㆍBouncing ball for eyesight training.
ㆍDigital compass on hybrid clock.

Talking clock
ㆍTells the time and alarm by voice.
ㆍNotify when the screen-off or music play.

Home screen widgets
ㆍAnalog, digital 8 types.
ㆍDual time world clock.
ㆍBattery status display.