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AOD clock and widget, Battery saver and screensaver, Time and alarm by voice.


☆Small size app without Ads, high-performance clock not in default app!☆

Always on display, tells the time and alarm by voice, and display the world clock and calendar.

Clock features
- Wallpaper desk clock.
- Analog, Digital, Hybrid Clock (*)
- One-touch nightstand mode.
- Notification bar (E-mail, Calls, SMS)
- Seconds (needle), 12/24 hour display.
- Monthly calendar display.
- Adjust brightness, size and location.
+ Clock display on all the Apps.
+ Dual-time world clock.
+ Battery status (level, charging, temperature)
+ Set the color and font for digital clock.

Always On Display
- Battery saver mode and screensaver.
- On/Off by power button (Lock screen clock)
- Auto clock launch (charging, screen-off)
+ Protect from task killer or memory cleaner.

Alarm and Timer
- Time setting with radio dial.
- Notify when the screen-off or music play.
+ Set the sound for alarm and timer.

Add-on features
- Memo with handwriting or stylus/S-pen.
- Bouncing ball game for eyesight training.

Talking clock
+ Tells the time by voice, set the time span.
+ Tells the alarm message by voice.
+ Notify when the screen-off or music play.

Home screen widgets
+ Analog and digital widgets (8 Types, 2×2, 4×2)
+ Dual-time world clock.
+ Battery status display.
+ Widget transparency adjustment.