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Easy take high quality pictures with date, time, and notes on photos.


Google Play

Includes all the functions of the camera to record the memories and share the moment and also easy take a square pictures with silently for SNS and blogs such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram.

Silent and vibration shutter
Useful for manners in public places, during lectures and meeting, and easily taking pictures of babies and pets.

Stamp preview
Easily insert the date and time stamp, the location and user memo in the picture immediately while shooting, and easily see

when and where the picture was taken.

QR code stamp
Create 2D barcodes on pictures with web and email addresses, signatures, etc. and use it for certification or promotions.

High-quality square photos
Easily take pictures of all sizes in a 1:1 aspect ratio and support HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode.

Easy selfie
Front camera mirroring and countdown zoom timer, screen touch and volume button shooting for remote control.

Easy video recording
Adjust the zoom and exposure with dial during recording, support video effects and stamp.

Stamp options

ㆍEdit stamps of existing photos.
ㆍEdit location (Travel spot, Place, etc.)
ㆍEdit memo (Anniversary, Name, etc.)
ㆍCreate QR code and adjust transparency.
ㆍSet stamp color.
ㆍSelect stamp type.

Use cases

ㆍLectures and meeting and at libraries.
ㆍEasy photograph for baby or pet.
ㆍOrganize photos of Smartphones.
ㆍMemories of mono, sepia effect.
ㆍPhotos for Blog and SNS.
ㆍOn-site pictures for insurance, estate, etc.
ㆍSignature and promotion with QR code.
ㆍComplement or replace the default camera.