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Ads-free small sized camera, Supplement the built-in default camera features


Google Play

Easily knows when and where pictures were taken, easily take a pictures on-site photo, selfie and video for SNS or Blogs such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Camera features
- Shutter mode (sound, silent, vibration).
- Adjust camera zoom and exposure with dial.
- Easy selfie with countdown timer.
- Take 1:1 square mode pictures.
- Photo effects (black and white, sepia)
- Small size ~ High quality photo.
- Prevent auto screen-off.
- Save photo infomation (EXIF)
- Self-timer indicated by light.
- Support for WhatsApp, Evernote, etc.
+ Take pictures with volume button.
+ support for selfie remocon.
+ Take pictures by screen touch.
+ Save the original photo.

Video recording
- FHD(1080P), HD(720P) support.
- Selfie video recording.
- Video stamp feature.
- Adjust video zoom and exposure.
- Video effect (mono, sepia)
- Support for WhatsApp, Evernote, etc.

Photo stamp
- WYSIWYG stamp display.
- Date, time stamp format.
- Photo location stamp format.
- Geo tag with network and GPS.
+ Insert stamp to the existing photo.
+ Edit location (travel spot, famous place, etc.)
+ Edit memo (anniversary , e-mail, etc.)
+ Set the stamp color.
+ Stamp type options.

User cases
- Complement, replace the default camera.
- Organize photos of Smartphones.
- Useful in lectures, meetings, libraries.
- Easy photos for baby or pet.
- Memories of mono, sepia photos.
- Square photos for Blog, SNS.
- Useful in insurance, estate, on-site.

※Do not collect or share the user location.
※Not require for permissions related to personal security.