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Silent shutter and square photo, Location and timestamp, Easy selfie and video.


Google Play

Easily take on-site pictures for SNS or Blogs such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

High-quality photos
Take pictures from low-size to high-resolution automatically, supports Red-eye fix and HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode.

Silent and vibration shutter
Manner shot during lectures and meetings, useful for taking pictures of babies and pets.

Square camera mode
Capture in 1: 1 square picturesfor blogs and SNS such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

WYSIWYG Stamp display
Check the date and time, location and the user memo stamp during shooting, and insert into the picture, easily knows when and where the picture was taken.

QR Code stamp
Create a 2-D barcode with transparency control for the web, email, and name stamp on photo for signatures and promotions.

Easy Selfie
Face detection and countdown zoom timer, screen touch and volume button shooting for remote control.

Easy video recording
Adjust the zoom and exposure with dial during recording, support video effects and stamp.

Stamp options
ㆍStamp to existing photo.
ㆍEdit location (Travel spot, Place, etc.)
ㆍEdit memo (Anniversary, Name, etc.)
ㆍQR Code stamp (Web, email, signature, etc.)
ㆍSet stamp color.
ㆍSelect stamp type.

User cases
ㆍComplement, replace the default camera.
ㆍOrganize photos of Smartphones.
ㆍUseful in lectures, meetings, libraries.
ㆍEasy photos for baby or pet.
ㆍMemories of mono, sepia photos.
ㆍSquare photos for Blog, SNS.
ㆍUseful in insurance, estate, on-site.
ㆍPromotion and signature with QR code.



Google Play





ㆍバッテリー状態表示 (残量、充電状態、温度)

Prevents the auto screen off during the set time.


Google Play

Useful for during internet, eBook, photo or document edit, file copy or download, game or video play.

Timer prevents auto screen-off
ㆍ1 hour interval, up to 10 hours set.
ㆍNotified by sound or vibration.

Battery level display
ㆍDisplay on all the apps and movable.

Battery remaining limit
ㆍTimer stops when the set level reaches.

Home screen widgets
ㆍDisplay the current time and date.
ㆍBattery status (level, charging, temperature)




Battery drain test of ClockView.
ㆍTesting Tool : GSam Battery Monitor in Google Play.

[ClockView Settings]
ㆍ Screensaver mode : Off
ㆍ Battery-saving mode : 0(Always-On)
ㆍ Clock size : 0(Default)
ㆍ Notification bar : Off
ㆍ Wallpaper background : Off
ㆍ Worldtime display : On
ㆍ Battery information : On
ㆍ Seconds display : Off
ㆍ Talking clock : On (Hourly, Voice alarm)

ㆍTesting time : 54m 39s (~ One hour)
ㆍDevice total battery consumption : 5%
ㆍClockView battery consumption : 0.1%

※ Comments to reduce the battery consumption.
ㆍ On/Off the screen by the power button.
ㆍ Use the always on feature only when necessary.

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