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[v2.36 Update]
– Night mode color.
– Performance Improvement.
– Android 5.1.1 Lollipop support.

ClockView is always displayed by simple design and power-saving technology, and possible to take advantage of smartphone such as home, office / lecture room desk clock. time check without pressing the button during the working time like as food cooking or laboratory test, wake-up alarms and pill reminder etc. And the smart features and the timer alarm function added for user’s variety of life pattern.

Small sized and battery saving feature : Simplified analog digital hybrid clock design, Battery usage is very low.

Always displayed clock : No need to press the button to check the time and date, Clock on/off support by power button.

Top screen clock : Clock displayed in home and app(internet, game, etc) screen, Move the position and automatically remembered.

Smart features : Night clock mode, Popup calendar, Wallpaper clock, Automatic clock rotation, Clock size adjustment, etc.

Easy timer alarm, surely notify the completion : After set the timer like as a radio tuning dial, Countdown display and notify timer status in phone’s satus bar. When the timer is complete, Notify with sound and vibration in home screen, Even when the screen turned off or listening to music.

Automatic power saving and screen saver : Automatic clock dimming and battery saving mode after a set time, Screen saver mode(LCD burn-in protection) support.

Automatic clock display option : Auto displayed when charging(Power docking) or screen turned off, Manually display by touch the app icon.

Home screen clock widgets(Pro) : Analog and digital, Color and font settings, Dual world time display and timezone setting.

Dual world time display(Pro) : Time zone setting for all of the country and cities, Custom time zone label (Home, Family, Travel, etc.), Dual time check for travel or business trip.

Tells the time and user message(Pro) : Tells the time hourly and the message at setting time by voice. Notify In home screen, even when the screen turned off. Message notify in phone’s status bar.

Smart features and customizable options.
ㆍ Hour:Minute and Seconds(option)
ㆍ Year-Month-Day.Day of Week(ISO 8601 format)
ㆍ Automatic clock rotation support.
ㆍ Top screen clock on any-where and any-app.
ㆍ Clock size adjustment(Free scale)
ㆍ Adjusting the clock position for view cover.
ㆍ Clock displayed on wallpaper(Live wallpaper, photo)
ㆍ Display the notification bar(Call, SMS, etc)

Advanced features and options(Pro)
ㆍ Real-time battery level display.
ㆍ Time display in 12/24 hour format.
ㆍ Time display with seconds(Needle)
ㆍ Color setting of time and date.
ㆍ Digital clock font(LED, LCD).
ㆍ Date display formats.
ㆍ Notification sound setting.
ㆍ Dual world time display and timezone setting.
ㆍ Tells the time hourly and user message setting.

Does not ask for permissions relating personal security.

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[v1.05 Update]
– Android 5.1 Lollipop support.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, due to the limited battery capacity, screen is automatically turned off, but it is not convenient during the Internet surfing, games, eBook reading, editing, slideshow etc.
StayOn makes convenient to use smartphone by prevent the auto screen-off for a specified period of time.

Small memory size and simplified design.

Set the screen timer by touch the widget.
ㆍ Can be set to 120 minutes in 5 minute intervals for battery status and eye protection.
ㆍ The set time is saved automatically.
* If set to 0, then stops the stay on.

Display the screen status by analog clock widget.
ㆍ Widget display hour:minute, of week.
ㆍ Widget transparent while stay on, Colored when finished.
ㆍ Notify with sound and vibration when screen timer finished.

Does not ask for permissions relating personal security.

Keywords :
always, automatic, awake, clock, color, date, day, document, ebook, editing, game, home, internet, keep, on, photo, prevent, reading, screen, setting, smartphone, sound, stay, tablet, time, timer, transparent, vibration, week, widget

2-En-DigiCal TB-3-En-Digi2

– Popup calendar optimized.
– Timer alarm & service optimized.
– (Pro) 4 types of digital clock font.



[v2.18 Update]
– Service & Timer Alarm Optimized.
– Top screen clock added.
– Options setting by tap the date.
– Clock change by tap the clock.
– Timer setting by tap the icon.
– Quick night mode by long tap the clock.
– Talking time on the hour option.
– Talking message on setting time option.
– Dual world time clock setting in options menu.
– Digital clock widget color setting.
* Digital clock widget will be changed after one minute.




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☆Simple & Smart Keep Screen Timer☆

● Smart phone, tablet screen stay on timer widget.
– Stay on : colored widget with time and date.
– Stay off : transparent widget with time and date.
– Displays hour, min, month, day, day of week.
● Stay on timer setting by tap the clock widget.
– Set 1 ~ 60 minutes (0 : stay off)
– Run by the back button after setting the options.
● Notification for health of eyes.
– Stay on timeout sound on/off.
– Stay on timeout vibration on/off.
● Support android versions including KitKat 4.4.2

[Some use cases]
● Home screen analog date clock widget.
● eBook reading, Internet web surfing, game.
● Document editing time, pohoto editing time, etc.

Android, Clock, Analog, Home, Screen, Size, Show, Date, Widget, Launcher,
Timer, Option, Settings, Always, On, Display, Stay, On, Simple, Kitkat.


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Clock View is always display on clock for Android.

* Always display the clock on the smartphone.
* Don’t need to press the button for check time.
* Analog,Digital clock change by clock tap/touch.
* Clock On/Off by power button.
* Automatic battery saving mode.
* Automatic clock rotation support.
* Automatic clock display on charging or screen-off.
* Quick timer in digital clock.
** World dual time display in digital clock.
** Home screen widget and launch support.
** Customized digital clock color option.
** Clock on wallpaper(incl. live) theme display option.
** Display the notification(Call,SMS) bar option.
** Display the real-time battery level option.

** Mark supported only for Pro version.

[Some Use Cases]
* Home,Office table,desk clock.
* Bed side night clock.
* Use with a view cover.
** Dual-time for travel or business trip.
* Pulse rate time check.
* Food cooking time check.
* Laboratory test time check.
* Check the time in working.
* Utilize unused smartphone as a clock.

[Main Features]
* Current time(H:M:S), Date and day of week.
* Quick night mode On/Off by long tap/touch.
* Clock size and type option.
* Display the seconds in digital clock option.
* Adjusting the clock location option.
* Support all Android versions including Kitkat 4.4.2
* Customizing the operation mode.
– Automatically Clock Display on Charging.
– Automatically Clock Display on Screen Off.
– Clock Display on Manually.
* Automatic battery saving mode.
– Step 1 : Auto dim mode
. Restored by screen tap/touch.
– Step 2 : Battery saving mode after half an hour.
. Device charging : Screen brightness minimized.
. Device discharging : Device sleep mode.
. Restored by clock long tap/touch or re-start.

* Clock display may take a few seconds in the initial run.


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