ClockView: Always On Clock Widget

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All-in-one clock with simple and useful functions

“Screen saver and calendar in wallpaper theme and dark mode, Tells the time every hour and alarm by voice, Weather and dual world time on the screen.”

Always On Display, AOD

ㆍAnalog, digital, hybrid compass.
ㆍScreen saver and sleep mode.
ㆍAuto run at plug-in.
ㆍClock and calendar on the wallpaper.
ㆍSeconds (hands) and 12/24-hour display.
ㆍYear and date, day of the week.
ㆍBattery level and temperature display.

Useful functions and options

ㆍEasy change to night mode.
ㆍAdjust the clock brightness.
ㆍMemo with handwriting and S-Pen.
ㆍBouncing ball game for eye training.
ㆍSet the alarm and timer.
ㆍColor, position, and size setting.
ㆍDigital clock font setting.

Home screen widget
ㆍAnalog, digital clock.
ㆍdual world time clock.
ㆍBattery level display.

Talking clock by voice

ㆍTells the time every hour by voice.
ㆍTalking alarm messages by voice.
ㆍUseful for medication, meetings.

Current weather info

ㆍWeather icon or scroll text display.
ㆍLocal sunrise, sunset time display.

World time clock

ㆍWorldwide local time display.
ㆍDual time display on widget.